Front-End Loader Scales

Save time and money with our on-board front-end loader weight scales. You can check weights on-the-fly with the press of a joystick button.

Our digital display unit can be programmed to convert weights into a variety of different measurments including pounds, kilograms, cubic feet, cubic yards and tons.

Accumulators allow you to continuously calculate the total weight loaded to ensure that trucks are not overloaded and that you are not giving away excess material.

Display values can be sent to a printer of transmitted wirelessly to a remote terminal.

To use the scale simply:

  1. Raise the load to calibrated weigh position.
  2. Press the joystick button.
  3. Look at the digital display to see the current weight and accumulated weight.

Weights are accurate to within about +- 50 pounds.

You pay only $1,649 and free shipping is included.

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