Forklift Scales

Our industrial forklift scales allow for efficient operation since load weights can easily be calculated on the go. Operators simply lift the forks to a standard height and push a button to obtain an accurate weight estimate. Weights can be obtained in either pounds or kilograms.

Our scales are easy to install and integrate with the hydraulic system of any forklift. Weights are estimated using sensors that measure hydraulic fluid pressure. Our easy-to-use digital display is normally mounted in the cab in reach of the operator.

Weights are accurate to within 1% of the scale's capacity. Our patented microprocessor pressure sampling algorithm is able to calculate weights with a high degree of accuracy without relying on the operator to take multiple readings.

The system includes a data port in case you wish to attach an optional RS232 printer to the device.

Great Price

For lift trucks with up to 8,000 pound capacity you pay only $1,199 and free shipping is included.

For larger forklifts our super heavy duty model is available for $1,349.

No Risk Return Policy

If you are not completely satisfied with your scale purchase, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund.

Great Warranty

We guarantee our forklift scales for 2 full years from the date of delivery.

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